Puppy Classes

Puppies are hard work! That’s why it’s so important to invest time into training when they are young, so you can lay the foundations and set them and you up for success. Puppies can start coming to the Pesky to Perfect Puppy Course as soon as they are vaccinated, up until 20 weeks of age.

Following on from the Pesky to Perfect Puppy is the Troublesome to Terrific Teen Course. This is for dogs from 5-18months of age.

The main focus in puppy class is on education rather than training and being well behaved rather than obedient. Having an obedient dog, doesn’t mean they are well behaved! Therefore we look at life skills and how they apply to everyday situations as well as incorporating the following:

  • basic obedience commands
  • leave it/drop that
  • come when called
  • stay and wait
  • impulse control
  • relaxed lead walking
  • focus and connection

Next course start dates:

Pesky to Perfect Puppy – £60 (4week course): Saturday 22nd June 2019 at 1pm and Wednesday 12th June at 6pm

Troublesome to Terrific Teen – £90 (6 week course): Saturday 29th June at 11.30am

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