Behavioural Consultations

Most behaviours that owners find unacceptable are perfectly normal for dogs. It is important to search for the root cause, thinking about what the dog needs and how we can satisfy those needs in an acceptable way rather than just trying to fix the behaviour and suppress their natural instincts.

I can help you and your dog with the following behaviour problems:

  • separation related disorders
  • attention seeking behaviours
  • destructive chewing
  • indoor toileting
  • resource guarding
  • over excitability
  • excessive barking
  • reactivity towards other dogs
  • fearful behaviours
  • phobias

I will look at the following:

  1. Your dogs emotions at the time of the problem behaviour.
  2. Your dogs overall mood and daily routine.
  3. What is reinforcing and maintaining the behaviour.

I will also advise on any additional training you and your dog may need to undertake in order to achieve a positive outcome.

A behavioural consultation package is £195. This consists of an initial assessment, three further 1:1 sessions, a behavioural modification plan to follow and telephone and email support.

Some behavioural issues will require more sessions over a longer period of time. Further sessions will cost £30 an hour.

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